Propane Delivery

Residential Services

Whether you are…

  • Buying/building a new home that needs a propane system
  • Buying a home with an existing propane system
  • Converting a home from electric to propane
  • Purchasing/renting a home with an existing propane system
  • Adding a shop, garage heater, pool, or spa to your property

…you can count on our experienced team to help you with all your propane needs!

Brown's - Commercial Propane

Commercial, Industrial, and Agricultural Services

Brown’s Gas Company has been providing propane services to our local commercial, industrial, and agricultural customers for many years. We provide services such as:

  • Heat for your commercial buildings
  • Cylinders to run your forklifts
  • Farm-size tanks for drying your crops and keeping your livestock warm and dry
  • And so much more

We serve a range of customers from the smallest forklift account up to a large farming or commercial operation. Due to the variety of propane uses, you will need to contact us with your specific needs in order for us to assist you. Our professional and highly trained staff is ready to meet all your needs, so when service counts, give us a call!

Delivery Services for Residential and Business Customers

Automatic Propane Delivery

When it comes to propane fuel delivery, we want to ensure that it’s a reliable, convenient, and safe experience for all of our customers. That’s why we’re pleased to offer automatic delivery.

With automatic delivery, we do all of the work behind the scenes to schedule a delivery date for your home or business. We keep careful track of your past usage and other relevant factors and then automatically come fill your tank when we determine a delivery is needed. Best of all, there’s no need for you to be home when we deliver your propane. It couldn’t be easier for our customers!

Plus, if you sign up for our Auto Pay Credit Card Account, we’ll automatically send you a statement and bill your credit card on a date of your choosing for added convenience. Other payment options are available as well.

Contact Us to Sign Up for Automatic Delivery Today!

Will-Call Propane Delivery

If you prefer, you can choose a will-call delivery option. This means that you will monitor your propane tank fuel gauge and notify us when the propane level is at 30% in order for your driver to make arrangements for your delivery. There are various payment options available to our will-call customers; please review them carefully as some require that the customer be home at the time of the delivery.

Schedule Your Propane Delivery!

Choose One of Our Convenient Payment Options:

In-House Credit Accounts
Automatically receive bi-monthly statements for services performed. Learn more

Budget Plan Accounts
Avoid paying high energy bills during winter—we’ll spread your annual fuel bills into manageable and predictable payments over the course of the year. Learn more

Credit Card/Auto Pay Accounts
A convenient set-and-forget payment option, we’ll automatically process your account balance on your credit card each month so you don’t have to worry about it. Learn more

Prepay Accounts
Prepay for delivery services in the office during our regular business hours. Learn more

Propane Safety

If you have questions about the safe use of propane in your home or at your business, you can find helpful information and resources on our propane safety information page.

Emergency Delivery

We offer all of our propane customers 24/7 emergency delivery service. If you’re experiencing a fuel run-out, please contact us immediately at (530) 743-3976 or (800) 544-5336.

“I own Duncan Heat and Air and I work on propane appliances. I’ve been a Brown’s Gas customer for 10 years. They are honest and dependable and they come fill my tank when I call.” Andrew Duncan