Out of Gas Policy

To Our Valued Customers:

To comply with insurance requirements, this is to inform you of our policy for servicing customers who run out of gas. We are in business to service you and provide a safe working environment for our employees. Unfortunately, we realize there may be times when you unexpectedly run out of gas. This can create an unsafe environment for both you and our delivery drivers.

In addition, our drivers run regular routes to maximize their efficiency and minimize operating costs, which keeps our gas costs to our customers competitive. Some customers who run out of gas may experience a long wait before the delivery driver can bring gas to your location.

If you experience a situation where you run out of gas, you should:

  1. Close the service valve on the propane storage tank
  2. Shut off all appliance valves
  3. Call Brown’s Gas Company immediately

It is imperative that you are at home so we can check the entire gas system for leaks and light all pilots. If we arrive and NO ONE IS HOME, and we find that your tank is empty, WE WILL NOT FILL YOUR TANK. The driver will leave an “Out of Gas” tag instructing you to call us.

Depending upon staff availability, you may request a special trip other than your regularly scheduled day during office hours (8:00am–4:00pm, Monday–Friday).

The following is a list of charges:

  • Customers on “Keep Full” – NO CHARGE unless due to non-payment
  • Customers on “Will Call” and/or “Prepay” – $80.00
  • Delinquent “Keep Full” – $80.00

Note: There will be an additional $40 charge added to the above fees for calls after 2pm, calls after business hours, and weekend calls.

Delinquent Account Balances Are Due and Payable at Time of Delivery in Addition to the above Fees. 

As a friendly reminder, in order to avoid a propane run-out, always order your next delivery when your tank reaches 30%, allowing seven (7) to ten (10) business days for scheduling. Delivery requests can be made after business hours with our answering service. Be sure to leave your name, address, telephone number, and amount of gallons you’d like to order (100 gallon minimum). If prepaying, contact our office prior to your delivery for payment arrangement. If you are NOT already a Keep Full customer and would like to be put on a Keep Full service at this time, please contact our office so we can change your service status.

WARNING: If any Keep Full customer runs out of gas and has not kept their account current, they will be treated and charged as a Will Call customer.